About Us

Our Business

At Apex Trade Web, we deal exclusively with the print trade. Workload or Overload. Primary source or outsource; we do it all. If you are a print broker, or perhaps, a printer with a temporary work overload, we're ready and able to help.

Our Products

Include booklets, flyers, BRC's, catalogues, price lists, letterhead and more. And we have optional inline folding, pattern perfing, remoist glue, MICR and scratch-off latex.

50 Years Experience

But much more than our comprehensive equipment and facilities, at Apex we pride ourselves on over 50 years of professional printing and graphics arts experience. So when you deal with Apex, you can be absolutely assured that your work and your worries are in safe hands.

You're the boss

As a trade printer, we work the way you need us to work. At Apex, we're professionals at fast, efficient turn-around of large web-based print needs. But if what you need is comprehensive, printing management from Purchase Order to Delivery Slip, we're also champions at providing full-service.

Quality and value

For our customers, we believe it all adds up to quality and value that can't be beat. And we don't just mean quality that you can take to your client…

We're also talking about "value" that you can "take to the bank".

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