About MICR

MICR stands for "Magnetic Ink Character Recognition", a process that enables secure, high speed processing and sorting of MICR encoded documents such as cheques and promotional items including pads and coupons, that are subjected to scanning by a special reader. MICR involves printing a special line of numbers and symbols with a magnetically charged, scannable toner/ink.

Demanding Quality

MICR is used to track and process high-value information in security-intensive environments. As such, MICR encoded documents need to be 100% reliability, which, in turn, requires the highest quality of application.
Apex trade web has the experience, equipment, and QC processes necessary to ensure adherence to the highest verification standards, including American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and Accredited Standards Committee (ASC).

Segregated Finishing

With Apex, our customers have the option of utilizing our segregated finishing facilities which ensure secure sorting and delivery logistics of high value, MICR encoded printed products.

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